After months of hard work (and a handful of all nighters) we are very happy to announce that our brand new, freshly redesigned iPad app is now available to build in Mosaic. 

In addition to providing unique, native support for a highly demanded platform, this launch epitomizes our team’s exceptional attention to providing a delightful experience to all of our users. 

Based on the research and experience that we’ve gathered over the past few years, we know that the use cases for tablets and smartphones vary - so we didn’t just want to take the same small format UI and blow it up at a higher resolution to fit the iPad. We thought long and hard about the types of data that our clients are trying to deliver, and ultimately what they are trying to accomplish with their school’s mobile presence. All of those details have been distilled into a beautiful UI that is centered around exploration and discovery of content - ultimately aiming to increase the end user’s interaction and engagement with our clients apps.

The iPad app is centered around three primary elements:

Relevance - Delivering timely and diverse content through the digest.

Discovery - Of new content, places, events, or things.

Beauty and ease of use - Seamlessly integrated content, and playful navigation encourages users to spend more time in the app.

We are so proud to release this new platform to our clients, and can’t wait to see how they start to build out their unique iPad experience.

Thanks to our product management, project management, developers, designers, operations, QA, and client solutions managers for all of their hard work!